Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chinese are more interested in the Indian4Ever blog then Indians

Just checked the user stats over the last month and I was surprised to see more Chinese are interested in this Indian4Ever blog then Indians are.

Top ten countries by page views

China - 828
United States - 687
Ukraine - 350
Poland - 265
Sweden - 147
India - 93
Russia - 83
United Kingdom - 28
France - 23
Japan - 13

Friday, December 7, 2012

CNN, the war mongering US propaganda machine

CNN, made famous by its coverage of the first Gulf War, seems to thrive on war. There is no investigative journalism, they just report whatever the US government says. They will never question authority, they help the US government in spreading their propaganda against other countries and slowly build public opinion to launch a war. And when war comes, they get to report the bombings and carnage in Live.

Syrian war is a prime example. They will give it top coverage, show bodies of dead children (which they never do in other wars, where the killers are US or Israeli soldiers) and try to make terrorists look like freedom fighters. What more can the US government ask for. Once in a while they will remove all coverage of Syria, when there are incidents like the Libyan embassy attack, Israel-Palestine war. This is done so the public does not get a negative opinion about the Free Syrian Army (FSA) "terrorists".

Whenever the US public looses interest about Syria, miraculously the FSA comes up with a video showing bodies of dead children. And CNN without verifying who killed the children, will unashamedly show it, blaming the Syrian Army.

How can we forget the US government and medias attempt at creating public opinion to go to war with Iran over an incident involving a Saudi prince. An alleged Iranian spy tried to kill the Saudi Ambassador to US. The plot was broken by FBI and there was huge hue and cry to go to war with Iran over this incident. This plot could have easily have been a false flag attack, but the US media just went with whatever the US government said without questioning. This is a dangerous trend, in any country we need the media to be independent and try to keep the government honest to the public.

Where did the investigative journalism disappeared to. All news channels seem to be either owned by political parties or corporations. They promote their own agendas and policies. Nobody seems to care whether truth is reported or not. Journalism should be to tell the truth, no matter what. But the modern news outlets look at their ratings and show only opinions and bias the stories, so their viewers will like them.

The only western media outlet that at least questions the government foreign policy is BBC. I request all Americans to get their news from more than one source, so they can verify the facts for themselves and get to the real truth.

We are a little lucky that the Indian media at least questions the government policies. With most of them also owned by political parties or corporations, there will be a time soon when they will all become just propaganda machines.

To clarify to anyone who may think that I hate the US to write this blog post, I had lived in US for almost 10 years and I love the country and its people. This post is just my observation on how corporations are controlling the media and manipulating global politics to maximize their profits.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Indian cuisine 400 years back

Since some of the vegetables, fruits and spices we use today so commonly in Indian cuisine were not known till the new world (North America and South America) was discovered, I was wondering what our cuisine would have been like 400 years ago. The major ingredients missing will be chili peppers, potatoes and tomatoes.

I made a list of some of the vegetables and fruits discovered in the new world from various websites. 

avocados, artichokes, beans (kidney and lima), black walnuts, blueberries, cashews, cassava (used to make sabudhana), chestnuts, cocoa (used to make chocolate), corn (maize), crab apples, cranberries, gourds, hickory nuts, papayas, peanuts, pecans, peppers (bell peppers, chili peppers), pineapples, plums, potatoes, pumpkins, raspberries, squash, strawberries, sunflowers, sweet potatoes, tobacco, tomatoes, turkey, vanilla, wild cherries, wild rice

If anyone have recipes of Indian cuisine that do no use the above ingredients, please share with everyone using the comments section.

Kasab's Hanging - is it related to India - Pakistan cricket series?

Kasab hanged, why now and after 4 long years. There are multiple theories going around. According to one, he has been hanged by the Congress government to score points before the Gujarat Assembly elections. BJP was using the delay in the hanging of Kasab to point to the weakness of Congress in protecting India's security. I would have believed in this theory if the elections were for the Maharashtra Assembly, where the issue of Kasab's hanging will have more impact on the electorates mind. Whether Kasab is hanged or not does not make much difference to Gujarat Assembly elections.

It looks like the print media and the 24 hour news channels have missed a very important connection. The upcoming bilateral cricket series between India and Pakistan to be hosted by India. India suspended all bilateral cricketing ties with Pakistan after the Pakistani terrorist attack on Mumbai on 26/11 of 2008. As Pakistan is reluctant to punish anyone involved in the attack, the UPA-2 government took a big risk in inviting the Pakistani cricket team to India in December of 2012, just a month after the fourth anniversary of the 26//11 attack. The only thing they could have done to remove any obstruction to the tour was to hang Kasab. And that is what they did.

Kasab deserved to be hanged, but it should have been done within 2 years and not kept alive for 4 years at the expense of the tax payer.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Paranoia created by news channels and newspapers

I have seen this in USA and now after returning to India have seen the same trend here, where the emergence of 24 hr news channels has created fear and paranoia among the public. Whether it be swine flu, terrorism or the most recent example of the blow up of the conspiracy theory regarding YS Rajasekhar Reddy's murder.

In USA, the mainstream news channels do not question the government and are all controlled by corporations. These corporations manipulate the news and only show what is needed. It was evident in the way the government controlled all the news media and created a hysteria using lies to attack Iraq. Now they have found their latest fear topic "Yemen" after the december 25th failed terrorist attack. You may laugh at it but to see real news you have to watch comedy central's The Daily Show and Colbert Report. They use comedy as a guise to tell the truth.

In India, the news was fairly independent till the 90's. But with capitalism taking root, more and more 24 hr news channels are being opened by corporations and politicians to spread their opinion and control the public opinion. All the newspapers are aligned with one political party or the other and show news through their views and not with an independent non-partisan view.

During the recent swine flu outbreak, everyday the newspapers and news channels will show images of people wearing masks and use sensational headlines that people are living in fear. Out of the 3 months of that news, I saw may be one person wearing mask in public and used to wonder where do these people get these images from, do they stage manage them?

The general public needs to understand this and stop watching news channels which spread lies and hatred.

What does the mysterious helicopter crash that killed one of India’s most popular politicians have to do with White House economic czar Larry Summers? Read on…

First, the crash: one of India’s most popular politicians, who heads the state of Andhra Pradesh, just died in a mysterious helicopter crash. What’s eerie is that the dead politician recently went public attacking India’s most powerful oligarch family, the Ambanis, threatening to take away their giant offshore gas concessions. Meanwhile the Ambani brothers, Mukesh (the world’s 7th richest man) and Anil (the world’s 34 richest) are battling each other in a blood feud that’s taking the whole country down with them–that’s not a hornet’s nest you’d want to stick your fingers into, even if you’re the governor of a huge Indian province. The Ambani brothers’ feud peaked in May when Anil’s helicopter was found to have been sabotaged just before takeoff . Anil strongly hinted he suspected Mukesh, but no one will ever know who did it, because the mechanic who discovered the dirt and gravel in Anil Ambani’s helicopter gear box was hit by a train two days later in what was initially ruled as a “suicide,” but which later was ruled murder.

So why would an Ambani have anything to do with the mysterious helicopter crash of Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy? Just speculatin’ on a hypothesis, as the police chief says in Miller’s Crossing, and here’s why:

Just over a month ago, as the Ambani brothers’ insane internecine war over offshore gas deposits dragged on with no end in sight, Reddy publicly demanded that his state, Andhra Pradesh, take a share of the gas deposits for itself:

Even as the two Ambani brothers are locked in a legal battle over supply and price of gas from the Krishna-Godavari basin, the Andhra Pradesh government has sought its “due share” of the hydrocarbon asset.

He even attacked the brothers’ mother, who brokered the deal dividing up India’s gas between her feuding sons:

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy on Sunday said that the settlement of the gas dispute between the Ambani brothers could not be left to their mother Kokilaben and the Centre must play a decisive role, for which he has written to the Prime Minister.

“The dispute over sharing of gas is not an issue to be settled by (the) mother (Kokilaben). It is for the government to decide who should get the gas and also at what price,” Reddy said on the sidelines of a function here.

Ah, Y.S., you shouldn’ta attacked their mother. Next thing you know…Reddy’s deady.

Oh, and by the way, don’t forget this one little fun-fact: Larry Summers, the guy appointed by Obama to run America’s economy, worked for Mukesh Ambani right up until he took his White House job. We’re in good hands, folks.

Mark Ames is the author of Going Postal: Rage, Murder and Rebellion from Reagan’s Workplaces to Clinton’s Columbine.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why India remains poor?

I have seen the Indian middle class grow by millions in the last decade, but there are still millions who remain poor. There might be a wide variety of reasons for this, but some of the ones I noticed are lack of work ethic and lack of a desire to improve themselves.

Most of the people who do daily labor in India are some of the laziest people. They completely lack any work ethic. All they care about is if they got the money to feed themselves for that day. They will not do any additional work even if it means extra pay. And most would just look for any opportunity to not work like bandhs (even if it does not affect their work) and even festivals of other religions. Whereas most of us in the middle class would look for every opportunity to make extra money and jump at a chance to work overtime so we can save for future expenses.

Some daily laborers send their kids to schools by working hard in the hope of a better future for their kids. But most of the rest do not care about their kids future, the general mentality is why should I care for my kids when my parents did not do anything for me.

The government, NGO's and private companies are providing support,but unless a person has a desire to improve his and in turn his families lives there is nothing anybody can do. India and Indians have a long way to go before we eliminate poverty.